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Carambolage Across The Pond

The carambolage series games have not died out with our cross Atlantic friends. Last weekend two players came especially from Toronto, Canada, to take two days of intensive training with me in my own Geneva club.

This course was a first for me as well as them: Lou and David had never taken billiards lessons previously; As for me, I had never taught billiards in English before.

Carte USA

During this course they learned a lot about billards, so they told me. On my side, I was able to improve my English significantly. Since they are both Vietnamese, I also discovered that the Vietnamese community in Canada, is fascinated with billiard carambole, particularly by the 'series' games. I also learned that in Vietnam, there are carambole billiard tables almost everywhere.

The country's best player's level is about 40 average for 'the libre' on 2m80 tables. There are no federations, clubs, nor private rooms and the favorite games are the libre, the cadre and one cushion. I also learned that my books are widely used there, albeit in unauthorized photocopied fashion.

Lou et David

These two days passed very fast, especially for Lou and David who are now back in Toronto. They are now on their own, with their newly acquired knowledge, but I'm quite sure they will make lots of progress in the coming weeks and months.

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1 Futbolkiua 16 décembre 2010 à 23:02 There are many interesting here. Hope to see some more in future

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